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Hourly Billing

Clients will be offered the option to pay a monthly fee based on hours worked. You can trust that we will bill with integrity, diligently work for your money, and fight for your cause.

Contingency Fee

Not everyone can afford to pay lawyer fees and costs. We offer contingency fee arrangements that allow you to keep your finances intact while we fight for you.

Flat Fees

Not every case requires extensive involvement. For cases that can be handled in a short time frame, we offer flat fees or fixed fees that set a price for our services rather than hours worked.

Retainers (Advancement Fee)

For those who wish to avoid a monthly bill, we can hold your money in trust and pay attorney's fees and costs as needed.

Attorney Fees versus Costs

Attorney's fees are the hours we put into legal services. Costs are expenses associated with a case. Hiring an expert witness, taking a deposition, and filing a complaint are examples of costs.


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